PHDS Anti Vibration Damping System

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TThe Mitigator Progressive Handlebar Damping System (PHDS) is the ultimate solution for riders seeking to reduce handlebar vibrations and improve overall riding comfort. Specifically designed for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles that produce high horsepower in small cc, the PHDS effectively prevents the transfer of crank vibrations to the chassis, and ultimately to the rider's arms and hands. By reducing the transmission of vibrations, the Mitigator Anti-Vibration system enhances the rider's performance and control, allowing them to stay fresher and maintain a steady pace during long-enduro races.

Constructed with high-quality plastic rubber and aluminum parts, the PHDS is a durable and reliable addition to any dirt bike, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. Invest in the Mitigator PHDS today and experience the benefits of improved control, reduced fatigue, and increased performance.

KTM 2006-2023
125 SX 2006-2015
250 SX 2006-2016
SX-F 2006-2015
XC-W 2006-2023
XC-W TPI 2006-2023
SCF-W 2006-2023
EXC 2006-2023
EXC TPI 2006-2023
EXC-F 2006-2023
HUSQVARNA 2014-2023
TC 125 2014-2015
FC 125 2014-2015
TC 250 2014-2016
TE 2014-2023
FE 2014-2023
BETA RR 2013-2024
RR 2T 2013-2024
RR 4T 2013-2024
RR 2T RACING 2013-2024
RR 4T RACING 2013-2024
XTRAINER 250/300 2015-2024
SHERCO 2013-2024
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SE-R 2013-2024
SCF 2013-2024
SC 2013-2024





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